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What does auscultate mean?

To auscultate is to inform. Only if we have information are we in a position to make reasoned decisions, aimed at solving a problem. Information must be transmitted in a short period of time, to facility the decision making process and, allow us, where appropriate, to take quick action.

Why do we auscultate?

Knowing the response of a structure to different loads, allows us to verify if these responses fall within the design parameters. The sooner we become aware of having exceeded the limits, considered safe, the sooner corrective measures will be undertaken. The result is a safe and costeffective execution of the project.

Auscultation operation description

The purpose of our auscultation system is to facilitate the decision making process by integrating all the process stages, from the choice of instrument to the drafting of the relevant report. The main stages read as follows:

- Choice of the proper instrument.
- Installation.
- Reading campaigns.
- Transmission of information via Internet.
- Reports.

Building applications

- Retaining works (diaphragm, gravity and ecological walls, etc).
- Facade’s verticality.
- Settlements.
- Sheetpiles control.

Civil work applications

- Excavations.
- Bailing out.
- Slopes.
- Tunnels.
- Reservoirs.
- Retaining works (diaphragm, gravity and ecological walls, etc).
- Roads/ Railways.
- Mining.
- Tests (direct cut on foundations, etc).
- Compensation injections.


Asurvey of the Ecological Wall
in Cabanas (A Coruña)

The extension of the AC-141 road between the towns of Cabañas and Goente in Corunna required the augmentation of the side of the mountain through the technique of ecological walls.

Installation of four Piezometers
at the Arbón Dam (Asturias)

Auscultation of the Arbón Dam was reinforced by placing 4 vibrating wire piezometers in the abutments of the clay core. The piezometers were embedded at the bottom of 4 bore holes executed from the crowning. Perforation was in dry and with continuous extraction of the check sample.

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