TERRATEST is highly experienced at managing, executing and delivering ground investigation projects. We offer a wide range of sampling and associated field testing techniques, including:

  • Cable percussion boring
  • Rotary core drilling
  • Groundwater monitoring Wells
  • Dynamic probing
  • Window sampling
  • Trial pitting
  • Rock excavation trials
  • Slit trenching
  • Packer permeability testing
  • Pump testing
  • Soakaway testing
  • Shear vane testing
  • Gas monitoring & sampling
Lucrari de inginerie

We operate a comprehensive and modern fleet of rigs and sampling equipment.

TERRATEST provides geotechnical interpretative reports (GIR) to consulting engineers and civil engineering contractors. Detailed GIR’s have been prepared for a range of schemes including: DIAGONAL MAR, S.A., DECATHLON ESPAÑA, MAKRO AUTOSERVICIO MAYORISTA, THE MILLS GLOBAL, EL CORTE INGLÉS, COMUNIDAD DE MADRID, MINISTERIO DE LA PRESIDENCIA, LAFARGE ASLAND, SIEMENS DIVISION ENERGIA, U.T.E. ACCIONA-COMSA-COPISA, FERROVIAL-AGROMAN, ENDESA, etc… and numerous road project and wind farms. We work closely with consultants and contractors on optimizing foundations.

We also provide geotechnical design services for temporary slope batters, retaining wall structures and piles (pile and retaining wall design is a core element of our consultancy services). Our aim is to provide practical, cost effective and value engineered solutions.